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Martin Creed

'Words & Music'

New Athenaeum, RSAMD, 100 Renfrew St, Glasgow G2 3DB

10 March 2007

A unique live performance by Martin Creed. ‘Words and Music’ was somewhere between a contemporary take on music hall variety show and an artist’s talk, involving song, dance, image, and words and music. Creed’s performances such as this stem from the same desire ‘to communicate somehow’ that fuels the installations, text works and drawings for which he is well known. Involving the artist, his band, a string quartet and two dancers, ‘Words and Music’ set up an extra-ordinary encounter between artist and audience, working with and in a traditional theatre environment. With all the wit, simplicity and absurdity you would expect, ‘Words and Music’ took shape in situ, to be a truly unique event.

Photography by Jethro Collins.