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Mircea Cantor

'Which light kills you’

21 Woodlands Terrace, Glasgow G3 6DF

14 November – 23 January 2010

Mircea Cantor is the epitome of a 21st century artist, constantly crossing borders but always returning to his roots. Having grown up in Eastern Europe during the Communist era, Cantor frequently draws on his own memory to explore the realities of power and the disintegration of cultural boundaries. Cantor often positions himself at the crossroads between worlds, acting as an observer of societies and cultures and encouraging comparisons between differing attitudes and beliefs.

Cantor creates works that act as tools with which we can deconstruct the meaning of our everyday lives. Through subtle gestures and arrangements, he enhances our habitual perceptions and expectations, highlighting the peculiarities without lecturing in morality or artificial solutions. Cantor stages a reality that is in constant flux, deliberately resistant to unambiguous categorisation and decisively determined by uncertainty. His work takes up social issues while combining political content with a distinctly poetic formal vocabulary.

The exhibition was proposed and curated by Ami Barak.

Photography by Ruth Clark

Mircea Cantor
'Which light kills you', 2009
Courtesy the artist and Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv

Exhibition Talk / Dr. Dominic Paterson