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Martin Creed


21 Woodlands Terrace, Glasgow, G3 6DF

20 February - 3 April 2010

Martin Creed likes opposites. On and off, open and closed, big and small, in and out, light and dark — versions of something and nothing. His work often sets up extremes and by doing so he opens up the space in between. Utilising commonplace materials from copy paper and cardboard boxes to dining room tables and office chairs, he presents the spectrum of possibilities we are offered every day and highlights the absurdity that can be found in the ordinary. Creed’s simple gestures often achieve dramatic results, and although not always immediately obvious, his approach to objects and materials can change the viewer’s idea of them forever.

‘Things’ made use of the domestic setting of 21 Woodlands Terrace, continuing Creed’s interest in playing with our perceptions of spaces and places whilst disrupting our expectations of the gallery environment. The exhibition included several collections of similar objects, carefully ordered according to size, highlighting Creed’s use of control while exposing the more off-kilter side of his practice. Creed is known for producing a range of works that interfere with the act of seeing itself, such as lights that go on and off and doors that close as soon as they open. At The Common Guild, Creed presented an equally testing work, drawing attention but denying access to one of the building’s greatest assets: its view.

Photography by Ruth Clark

Martin Creed
'Work No. 800', 2007
Courtesy of the artist and Hauser & Wirth, London

Exhibition Talk / Fiona Bradley
Project / Martin Creed