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Film / 'The Glasgow Schools'

20 April – 06 May 2012

'The Glasgow Schools' features interviews recorded between 2011–2012 in the homes of former pupils of Glasgow’s Proletarian School, Socialist Sunday and Socialist Fellowship Schools (1890–1980). The schools were part of a grassroots, working class, secular movement found mainly in industrial towns and cities across the UK. Prior to this project there had been little research on the impact of the Socialist Sunday Schools on individuals involved. The schools had been cited in studies on alternative education but were often derided as a ‘failed social movement' which ‘indoctrinated’ children and were finally disolved in the 1960s. 'The Glasgow Schools' project revealed the schools had in fact continued to exist in Glasgow until 1980. Through a series of interviews participants discuss and reveal the profound lasting impact the schools had on their political, cultural and moral education. It is worth noting many of the interviewees were academics, political activists, community leaders and accomplished musicians who credited the movement in the formation of their engaged outlooks. (Ruth Ewan, 2020)

The film was originally shown as part of the wider project 'The Glasgow Schools' at Scotland Street School Museum alongside an exhibition of related archival material and an events programme.

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