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Room for Reading

21 Woodlands Terrace, Glasgow, G3 6DF

5 July 2018

Thursday 5 July 2018

Room for Reading is an opportunity to make use of our unique library on the first Thursday of every month. Designed by artist Andrew Miller and filled with an expansive collection of art books, magazines and periodicals, the library is available for reference and research from lunchtime until late, with tea and coffee provided.

Not sure what to read? Books are suggested every month in conjunction with our exhibitions and projects. This month we are featuring publications about and selected by the our exhibiting artist Katinka Bock, in conjunction with her exhibition 'Radio Piombino', which runs till 8 July 2018.

'Materiality' Documents of Contemporary Art, Edited by Petra Lange-Berndt, 2015
'Meeting the Universe Halfway' Karen Barad, 2007
'Intenso' Katinka Bock, 2018
'Pazifik' Katinka Bock, 2014
'ANY' Katinka Bock, 2016
'The Sound of Distance', Katinka Bock, 2009
'Vertigo', W.G. Sebald, 1990
'Our Ancestors', Italo Calvino, 1980
'The Shape of Time' George Kubler, 1962
'The Art of Describing' Svetlana Alpers, 1983
'The Cares of a Family Man' Kafka, 1919
'Decisive Moments in History' Stefan Zweig, 1927

Can't make it this month? The next Room for Reading will be Thursday 2 August 2018.