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Ulla von Brandenburg

Yudowitz Lecture Theatre, Wolfson Medical Building, University Avenue, The University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ

26 January 2016

In advance of her project with The Common Guild, Ulla von Brandenburg talked about the development of her work as part of our ‘Primers’ Series. Her talk was followed by a Q&A with Carl Lavery, Professor of Theatre and Performance at the University of Glasgow.

Described as ‘a play for five actors and a chorus', Sink Down Mountain, Rise Up Valley is inspired by the rituals of the Saint-Simonian commune, founded in the immediate aftermath of the French Revolution. The movement, to which von Brandenburg was drawn by their progressive attitudes to female equality in society, sought to eradicate any kind of inherited privilege. Instead they proposed a levelling of society, alluded to by the title of the piece.

Ulla von Brandenburg (b. 1974 in Karlsruhe, Germany) lives and works in Paris. Her practice as an artist constitutes a rich range of media, stitching together drawing, painting, installation, performance and film. This approach is founded by her desire to remove boundaries from both material and time in her work, producing timeless experiences nourished by sources drawn from across European cultural heritage.

‘Sink Down Mountain, Rise Up Valley’ will be presented as a live promenade performance in the particular setting of Langside Hall on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 January 2016.

‘Primers' offer an opportunity to hear from artists developing projects with The Common Guild and are presented in collaboration with the University of Glasgow.