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Jacob Fabricius

The Goethe-Institute, 3 Park Circus, Glasgow, G3 6AX

4 November 2010

‘Detours’ is a series of talks introducing views from elsewhere by leaders in the visual arts. Speakers discuss the relationship between practice and context: how institutions and professional practice develop in response to specific situations, both geographic and cultural.

The Common Guild was delighted to present Jacob Fabricius, Director of Malmö Konsthall, Sweden, since 2008. Jacob was previously Curator at Center d’Art Santa Monica, Barcelona and Director of KBH Kunsthal, Copenhagen. Ongoing curatorial projects include ‘Advertisments’, where advertisements made by artists are placed in a range of magazines such as The Wire, The Economist and New Scientist, and ‘Old News‘, where newspaper articles chosen by artists are collated and reprinted. Jacob is also founder of Pork Salad Press.