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Michael Stumpf

'We are more-dimensional'

Viborg Kunsthal

14 September - 26 November 2017

Following a two-week ‘Sleepover’ residency in 2016, The Common Guild will present a solo exhibition by Glasgow-based artist Michael Stumpf at Viborg Kunsthal, as part of Aarhus City of Culture 2017.

Michael Stumpf's artistic practice makes use of a wide range of materials and processes to explore sculptural form, its production and the existential experience of objects. Throughout his works the viewer has a strong sense of the materiality of the objects and the hand that made them. His diverse practice manifests itself in sculptural installations, public artworks and moving image, raising questions of attitude, imagination, environment and time.

For the exhibition at Viborg Kunsthal, Stumpf will develop an immersive sculptural installation that embraces both the sculptural field and the moving image. At the heart of the installation will be a number of recurring cast boulders that will appear throughout the double height exhibition space - a referential nod to glacial erratics that constitute a considerable part of the fabric of the city of Viborg, making a connection between the gallery and its context.

Stumpf will re-animate sources from the past, including the history and geology of Viborg, twentieth century animation and technological and cultural theory, to explore the ‘now’ and possibilities of a 'then'. With the proposition of sculpture as augmented reality, being more poetic science fiction then sober prediction.

‘The Sleepover: Rethinking Art Institutions’ is part of Aarhus 2017 and comprises exhibitions by Swedish/Danish artist Andreas Emenius, the European network In Situ and The Common Guild.