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Various Speakers

'A Place for the Work and the Human Being'

Various Locations

1 January - 31 December 2019

Throughout 2019 we are presenting an ambitious series of talks that aims to generate discussion around the needs, expectations and possibilities of the space for art today.

The talks will take place in a range of venues, new and old, and the series will include artists, architects, curators and others working in the public zone of production.

The title ‘A Place for the Work and the Human Being’ is borrowed from the sub-title of a text by Swiss artist Rémy Zaugg (1943 – 2005), ‘The Art Museum of My Dreams', written in 1986, translated into English in 2013.

Conceived to run in parallel with our transition, having drawn our exhibition programme at 21 Woodlands Terrace to a close, after 10 years and 30 exhibitions, the series takes place while we develop plans for a new location for exhibitions.