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‘Twenty-Eight Nights and a Poem’

Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street, Glasgow, G3 6RB

3 April 2016

Sunday 3 April, 7.30pm

In collaboration with Glasgow Film Theatre, The Common Guild presents Akram Zaatari’s film ‘Twenty-Eight Nights and a Poem’ followed by a Q & A with the artist. This striking visual essay continues Akram Zaatari’s ongoing engagement with the work of photographer Hashem el Madani, who ran a commercial studio for five decades in southern Lebanon.

‘Twenty-Eight Nights and a Poem’ (2015)
Partly a study of the of a photographer’s studio practice in the mid twentieth century and partly an exploration of the essence of archives today, this film tries to understand how did this mode of producing images function in the lives of communities it served, and how it seized to exist and what did it lead to? It is set between the Arab Image Foundation, where most of Hashem el Madani’s collection is preserved today, and in Studio Shehrazade in Saida, where the photographer still spends time surrounded by his old machines, tools, photographs, negatives and what remained of million transactions that took place there. It is a reflection on making images, on an industry of image making, on age and on the life that remains and continues to grow in an archive. All is presented in this film through a set of staged interventions where Madani himself is part of.

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